Pritchard Electrical Ltd provide low energy lighting solutions to homes and businesses. Determining your current lighting costs, we then work out the price of an installation to see how quickly you will receive a return on your investment.

As traditional, inefficient lightbulbs are phased out, LED lighting has become a viable and economically sensible method of saving on electricity consumption. New or replacement units are available for all lighting specifications.

We can offer consultation and specification of new lighting installations, large or small, complimented with the potential savings available, or we can simply replace your existing fittings with the LED counterpart.

The three integral costs associated with running a commercial lighting fixture are:

LED's are an expensive option but will usually pay for themselves over and over again before needing to be replaced. Low energy strip lights are very efficient, quicker to light up and give off a better quality of light than traditional incandescent strip lights.

We have built relationships with leading providers of all electrical equipment and have access to market leading low energy lighting equipment, so we can provide the biggest discount in prices available.

Pritchard Electrical Ltd supply expert electrical services to commercial, industrial and domestic clients throughout Evesham, Stratford-upon-Avon and surrounding areas. If you have any questions regarding LED installations and our low energy lighting consultancy services please do not hesitate to contact us TODAY!